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over 100 teas from around the world
We at Franklin Tea offer over one hundred loose leaf premium teas from all over the world. Our teas are chosen and handled with great care in order to insure the very best brew for your enjoyment. And while we strongly believe in the satisfaction and the health benefits derived from a soothing cup of premium tea, we also recognize that the process of steeping a cup of tea involves a break in the routine of the day, the pleasure of taking a few moments for oneself, the smallest of indulgences that revives and refreshes. So treat yourself. Tea, of course, can be steeped using the most rudimentary of equipment, but why not consider the effect of a very contemporary teaball, a wonderfully convenient brewing mug, or a colorful teapot complete with its own infuser. These and so much more can be found in our store and will be featured on our website.

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